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Constantine Kolytiris

Constantine Kolytiris entered the Coachella Valley market with a Commercial Real Estate background in Washington State...

Constantine Kolytiris entered the Coachella Valley market with a Commercial Real Estate background in Washington State...

Jan 29 3 minutes read

Yes, It's Possible!

There is no cost or obligation to cancel our agreement.  We are that confident you'll love working with us!

Make your home stand out with The OMNI Group

Today's technology makes it easier than ever for consumers to view any listing on the market.  As agents, we can enter a home into the MLS, click a button, and watch it automatically appear on Zillow, Trulia, etc...

Unfortunately, that can also make it harder for Buyers to distinguish one listing from another.  After a certain point, they all tend to look the same.

We wanted OMNI Group's listings to stand out from the crowd, so we decided to keep pushing.

The following is quick breakdown of how we do it:



If there is one thing we know for sure, it's that Buyers LOVE looking at great pictures of homes and lots of them!

Every listing we take receives professional photography; that has been a standard of ours for years.  We use these photos EVERYWHERE.  Facebook, OMNI-RE.COM as well as our aggressive Direct Mail campaigns.

We've partnered with the right photographers to make sure our listings have every advantage we can provide over the competition and their listing is shown in it's best light.

Our Website

The biggest reason we're able to tell your Property Story is because we can control the presentation of it on our website.

The MLS, listing portals, and most broker sites all pretty much follow the same standard formatting. We're not given the freedom to change too much on sites we don't control.

On OMNI-RE.COM, the shackles have been released and we're free to show your home the way we envision it.

We understand people don't go to Facebook to buy a home.  But we know the people who are buying homes are on Facebook.

More than once, we've heard stories like: "We weren't looking to buy a home, but we saw your listing on Facebook and realized we had to have it".

Come join the fun and give us a Like.

Print Advertising & Direct Mail

Most real estate agents, if they do any marketing, decide to do EITHER "print OR online" as their ONLY investment in selling your home.  We leave no stone unturned.  In addition to our aggressive online and social marketing, we invest our own money to create a complete print marketing kit for EVERY home we list. 

Sell Your Home

Are you ready to sell your property? Are you ready to Love Your Listing Agent?

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