Looking to buy your dream home before the year is out?
Our expert tips will help

Branded Website & Search Engine

A professionally designed, branded website is key to the success of a development, before a potential buyer reaches out to a sales professional, they will research the development online. Using professional photography, engaging content, video and relevant information we are able to engage with buyers before they call the sales center.

Utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to boost rankings on the search engines will drive new traffic to the website and in turn additional eyes on the development.  

Social Media Promotions

Social media is a great way to stay engaged with prospective buyers for months after they’ve contacted us. Target marketing through paid promotions on both Facebook and Instagram is an additional avenue to target potential buyers. This allows to directly market to specific zip codes, income brackets, age groups by providing content and in turn begin to engage with potential buyers across the US and Canada. 

Website Landing Pages  

In conjunction with our social media marketing we use landing pages. They are our best means of capturing inbound leads. By analyzing the activity connected to the landing page link, we can also determine its success. Once a buyer has clicked on a landing page link they are prompted to enter their email address. Once an email address is received we are able to continue and market to them on a consistent basis.


By creating an offer that attracts different kinds of customers to our website we are able to control the messaging and sales process as well as target specific customer bases. A good offer is informative and helpful. For example, customers probably don't want to know about our recent successes as much as they would like to know the tax implications of moving to the state where your development is being built. 


We use blogs when advertising as an additional way to engage with customers. By using a soft sell approach to provide information about the development, fun and exciting things happening and the overall lifestyle of the community to get them excited. It is also very useful in boosting our ranking on many search engines by using key words to stay at the top of the search engine results.

Email Marketing

Everyone hates inbox spam. Even more, the reason to send emails that are relevant and speak to our leads directly about the things they are interested in. By connecting an email platform directly to our contact management system, we can create content that is highly personalized. The result is emails that are more likely to be opened and acted upon. 

Contact Management

By utilizing our current lead management system we are able to keep track of potential customers as well as the sales staff communicating with them. Customer information like phone numbers, email address and physical addresses are stored electronically and used for marketing purposes. With the click of a button we are able to see how many times a customer has communicated with the sales staff, that they were followed up with and we're providing them with the appropriate information to make them a Playa home owner.

Marketing Automation  

It’s important to follow up with leads and customers while you are still fresh in their minds. Email automation makes it easier for us to send out email blasts and create targeted lists staying in touch with potential customers easily. Directing buyers back to landing pages that track their activity we can see who is staying engaged and to follow up with them.

Marketing Analytics 

Marketing analytics helps us look at the behaviors of our buyers. We get to know them by using the data collected though our marketing efforts and are able to better understand the people behind the numbers.

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