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"Inventory was low and it felt like a sellers market.."

Read this client's story about their selling experience with The OMNI Real Estate Group and what advice they have for you.


What you were you looking for in a real estate agent?

 We wanted someone who had a strong marketing strategy, someone with a good reputation, and someone who had the neccesary expeirence to sell homes.

Why The Omni Group?

They had a huge presence in the market place. We've seen their for sale signs everywhere, all of their social media marketing and print advertising.

"The OMNI Group got my home SOLD!"

What Stuck Out To You?

Their marketing stood out better than the competition. The images, the presentation of their marketing material, their website and the landing page for my home. 

How Was The OMNI Group Different?

The OMNI Group was very helpful when it came to staging our home. They assisted with everything including vendors to get my house ready for sale.

Professional Photography



How does the OMNI Group sell homes?

The OMNI Group provides a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to sell your home. The approach includes professional photography, advice on repairs and staging, Facebook advertising, email marketing, and more.

Our Client's Advice to You

OMNI Group is the forefront of the Real Estate Market in the Coachella Valley. Their marketing strategy includes social media marketing, a stunning website, video marketing, and print advertising to get your home SOLD!

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